SiC MOSFET Modules / Hybrid Si/SiC IGBT Modules

Powerex and Mitsubishi continue to expand their product offering with the newest power semiconductor technology, Silicon Carbide. SiC offers significant advantages over traditional silicon-based devices in power applications requiring low losses, high frequency switching and/or high temperature environments. This product line includes cutting edge SiC (silicon carbide) MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) modules as well as hybrid Si/SiC (Si IGBT/SiC SBD) modules.

Applications Include:

  • High Efficiency Inverters
  • High Frequency Power Supplies
  • High Temperatures Environment
  • Energy Saving Power Systems (fans, pumps and consumer appliances)
  • High Frequency Type Power Systems (UPS, high speed motor drives, induction heating, welder and robotics)
  • High Temperature Power Systems (power electronics in electric vehicle and aviation systems)


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