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General Semiconductor Information
  What is the FIT rate for (Part Number) a Powerex device?
FIT rate is the number of failures in 1 billion hours of operation (assuming the device has been operated within specified conditions) and is a relative measure of device reliability. Please inquire with the factory for a FIT rate of a specific Powerex Product. Contact Powerex
  Are all Powerex module packages industry standard?
Yes. All Powerex module packages are industry standard.
  How can I test a Powerex power semiconductor to determine if it is still valid?
Usually, one can only determine if the device has failed short using a standard VOM.But the VOM test can only determine if the device is shorted. Other failure modes will not be detected with a VOM. A more comprehensive evaluation requires equipment specifically designed to test power semiconductors.
  What is the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)/Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) for the (part number)?
MTBF implies the ability to repair the device. This does not apply to power semiconductors. MTTF, however, does apply and is the reciprocal of FIT. Please contact Powerex for either the MTTF or FIT for a given Powerex Product.
  Why cant I find the datasheet for (part number) on the website?
If a datasheet for a part number is not listed on the web site, the part number may be a proprietary part or a discontinued part. Contact the Powerex sales department for further explanation by calling 724-925-7272 (Option 1) or by submitting an inquiry on this website via the "Contact Powerex/Support" page.
  Do Powerex Semiconductors come with terminal/mounting hardware?
Mounting hardware is not provided. In some cases, terminal hardware is provided, depending on the product. Please Contact Powerex for further information.
  What torque is needed to mount (disc package part number)?
Consult manufacturer of the clamp for settings that apply the proper amount of mounting force.
  How important is the mounting force? We mounted it (over/under) the recommended limit. What will happen to the device?
It is important to mount disc or Press-Pak, sometimes referred to as "hockey pucks", devices using the forces specified on the data sheets. Too little pressure and the device may not conduct and the thermal resistance will be higher than the rated value. Too much pressure will result in damaged components.

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