Sales/Service FAQ

  Can I get RoHS certification documents?
Please  contact Powerex for RoHS certification documents. (For RoHS status on individual Powerex products, locate the product on our web site and there will be a RoHS Compliant column stating yes, no or contact factory.)
  What materials are in the modules for RoHS compliance?
The materials used, as well as the quantity, is proprietary information and, as such, is not available for publication.
  Can I buy replacement terminal/mounting hardware from Powerex?
Mounting hardware is not available. Terminal hardware is available for some, but not all products. Please Contact Powerex for further information.
  I have a question concerning Powerex air compressors or vacuum pumps.
Unfortunately, there is more than one Powerex company. You have reached Powerex in Youngwood, PA, a manufacturer of power semiconductors. You are actually trying to reach an air compressor company in Harrison, Ohio. http://www.powerexinc.com
  I have a question concerning a Powerex battery or battery charger.
PowerEx is the name of a product line manufactured by Maha Energy Corporation. You have reached Powerex, Inc., a manufacturer of power semiconductors. Contact http://www.mahaenergy.com
  Why does it say "Add to Cart" next to some part numbers, but not on others?
"Add to Cart" indicates that Powerex has inventory for that product in stock and ready to buy.
  Is there a distributor who has stock of (part number)?
If one of Powerex's authorized distributors currently has stock on a particular part number, "Distributor Inventory" will appear next to that part number. To check on availability of a part where "Add to Cart" is not displayed, please click on the "Request Pricing and Availability" link listed next to the part number or call 724-925-7272 (Option 1) for sales and order assistance.
  I need a replacement device for a Powerex part labelled with a nonidentifiable Powerex part number.
In most cases, these are proprietary devices. However, you should contact the Powerex sales department for further explanation by calling 724-925-7272 (Option 1) or by submitting an inquiry on this website "Contact Powerex".
  I am considering to purchase an item online from the website, but how do I see the price?
In order to view pricing, you will need to register and login. For more information on the online purchasing process, click here.

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