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  Can I get RoHS certification documents?
Please  contact Powerex for RoHS certification documents. (For RoHS status on individual Powerex products, locate the product on our web site and there will be a RoHS Compliant column stating yes, no or contact factory.)
  What materials are in the modules for RoHS compliance?
The materials used, as well as the quantity, is proprietary information and, as such, is not available for publication.
  I have a question concerning Powerex air compressors or vacuum pumps.
Unfortunately, there is more than one Powerex company. You have reached Powerex in Youngwood, PA, a manufacturer of power semiconductors. You are actually trying to reach an air compressor company in Harrison, Ohio. http://www.powerexinc.com
  I have a question concerning a Powerex battery or battery charger.
PowerEx is the name of a product line manufactured by Maha Energy Corporation. You have reached Powerex, Inc., a manufacturer of power semiconductors. Contact http://www.mahaenergy.com

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