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Job Number12PS20
Position TitleMaterial Coordinator
LocationYoungwood, PA
Coordinate all activities related to inventory control, production control, and manufacturing resources planning. Schedule plans as they relate to the smooth operation of all manufacturing functions. Coordinates and expedites flow of materials, parts, and assemblies between sections or departments by performing job duties.
Work functions are measured against such metrics including, but not limited to such items as direct and expense materials as a percent of sales and inventory turnovers.

**** Perform logistical functions including freight transactions and coordinating with internal shipping, freight forwarders & customers (including both domestic and international)*****

1. Utilizes forecasts, MRP production schedules and related information from supervisors, engineering, other departments, and all Material Coordinators involving all facets of work including, but not limited to such items as material requirements, yield identification, changes in demand, etc.
2. Order and/or requisition material, using the quality system perspective, from established vendors with delivery dates established per requirements and availability of raw material.
3. Using reports and established management procedures; review, correct and maintain inventories required for production.
4. Works closely with vendors, receiving, quality control and engineering to maintain an orderly flow of materials required to assure smooth operations of all manufacturing functions.
5. Compiles and maintains manual or computerized records such as material inventory, in process production reports, and status and location of materials.
6. Monitors and controls movement of material and parts throughout facility. Moves or transports materials from one department to another as required.
7. Arranges for repair and assembly of materials or parts.
8. Advise, alert and update Purchasing Manager and/or Supervisors of any and all pertinent information including but not limited to economic ordering quantities (EOQ), price variances, supplier performance (schedules and quality issues), and inventory anomalies.
9. Coordinates, reviews, and maintains financial abstracts, activity with accounting to take inventories and develop inactive review. Reviews and corrects packing lists, invoices, and physical inventory counts as needed.
10. Coordinates and drives various projects as directed by management discretion and supervision.
11. Actively pursue cost-saving opportunities and other work related activities to help obtain departmental goals and objectives.
12. Update and maintain inventory control programs such as VMI, Kanban, Consignment, etc.
13. Performs all work of a similar or less complex nature, or as directed by management.
14. Coordinate with internal shipping along with utilizing freight forwarder and customer shipping systems which could require training.

Frequent contact with manufacturing personnel, engineering personnel, purchasing personnel, quality personnel and administrative personnel.
Occasional contact with customer service personnel, sales/marketing personnel, and vendors.

Leads and participates in cross-functional teams as required in developing production schedules and material needs, improving quality, cost savings, and all other information necessary for a smooth operation.

Must accomplish details of assigned tasks with minimum supervision.
Receives general instructions on work which may require interpretation and application of judgment based on past experience.


Associate degree in a technical field and/or certification in production and inventory control (e.g., Institute for Supply Management, APP accredited Purchasing Practitioner, etc.).

- At least (5) years experience in Inventory Control & Purchasing activities.
- Thorough understandin
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